Water in Petroleum Systems
Water in Petroleum Systems

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Hands-on Hydrogeochemical Modeling Course

Improve your understanding of artificial effects due to sampling and corrosion

Learn how to use hydrogeochemical PHAST/PHREEQC modeling in order to:

  • evaluate the quality of water analysis
  • improve your understanding about the temporal and spatial dynamics of injected water and/or chemicals into reservoirs
  • explore the site-specific risks of:
  1. in-reservoir scaling and well bore scaling
  2. dissolution and/or precipitation of minerals induced by oil degradation which affect porosity-permeability properties
  3. corrosivity of formation waters
  4. scaling resulting from well stream mixing


Take-home message: Integrate new and advanced 1D/3D numerical hydrogeochemical modeling approaches of reactive mass transport into your existing geological and basin models!


Interested? Please contact: info@water-in-petroleum-systems.com