Water in Petroleum Systems
Water in Petroleum Systems

WiPS.consulting GmbH


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WiPS.consulting GmbH assists you in all matters regarding hydrogeochemical processes in petroleum systems. Our team offers batch, one-dimensional, and three-dimensional quantitative modeling studies about complex petroleum-water-rock-gas interactions.

WiPS‘s 0D-batch modelling and 1D/3D reactive mass transport modelling are based on the thermodynamics of chemical equilibrium and on the principle laws of water flow, and consider reaction kinetics.

What distinguishes WiPS.consulting GmbH

  • Coupling petroleum geology with hydrogeochemistry
  • Hydrogeochemical 1D/3D reactive mass transport modeling of petroleum-water-rock-gas systems
  • Modeling the spatial and temporal development of dynamic processes and their effects on reservoir properties
  • 4D visualization of spatial and temporal developments 
  • Bridging the numerical gap between advanced hydrogeochemistry and reservoir engineering
  • Retraceable modeling results