Water in Petroleum Systems
Water in Petroleum Systems

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Your reservoir: a black box?

Pre-Injection 4D Modelling

The injection of seawater into reactive aquifers causes a complex pattern of hydrogeochemical reactions not only in injection and production wells. Decreasing flow rates may be also due to formation damage inbetween.


Our modelling approach offers clients detailed results about injection-caused processes in time and space of the whole system: the wells and the aquifer. The WiPS results of such an overall approach provide operators with a virtual insight into processes between the wells in 3D perspective which are not directly observable as it is for wells.


Our predictive modelling approach basically refers to our experience to retrace hydrogeochemical processes in the aquifer of the Miller Field, UK North Sea, due to seawater injection. In case studies (see literature) we developed concepts by analysing the temporal and compositional development of production water.


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